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Getting Baptised in the Pastrow Family

One of our great privileges is in welcoming people of all ages

to Baptism, or a Christening as it is sometimes called.

Baptism marks not just the beginning of the extraordinary

journey of faith, but it is also about belonging to a wider family

that is committed to journeying together in exploring, challenging

and nurturing each other to grow as followers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

Baptism is not just for children, and we increasingly welcome parents and adults in beginning that journey of faith whatever your age!


If you would like to explore Baptism further, either for yourself or your child, please do get in touch with us.  Initially you will need to get in touch with our Pastrow Family Administrator, Judith Appleby on 07999 352585 or email admin@pastrowfamily.org.uk

Baptisms usually take place after our main Sunday services in the morning,

usually because we can’t fit everyone in!  However, we do also Baptise

during some services so whatever your needs are, we will try and

accommodate your preference.