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Pastoral Care



Pastoral care is a fundamental part of life in the Pastrow Family and there are various ways in which you can access support.  Much of our pastoral care is shown through the friendships and relationships people have, personally, in small groups and serving together on ministry teams.

However, for all of us there are times when additional help or confidential pastoral support is needed.  There are a number of ways this can be accessed:

Prayer Group

The prayer group consists of committed people from churches across the Pastrow Family who can confidentially pray for you or for someone you care about. You may have a specific request or would like a prayer of blessing or refreshing for the coming week.  Nothing is too big or small for God to care about.  If you would like a member of the clergy team to meet with you or a loved one, please contact Judith Appleby on  07999 352585 or admin@pastrowfamily.org.uk

Prayer Chain

The Pastrow Family prayer chain is an opportunity to request prayer via email.

Your request will be sent confidentially to our prayer group who will pray for you in the following days. If you would like people to be praying about a certain situation, please contact the Prayer Group on prayer@pastrowfamily.org.uk or Revd Alex on 07717 778853

Pastoral Team Visits

The Clergy and Pastoral Team share in visiting the sick, lonely, bereaved and anyone in general need of a confidential listening ear and prayer. The team members are appointed by the Vicar, have undertaken a training course (in addition to any other experience and training courses they have been on such as the Acorn ‘Learning to Listen’ course) and visit on behalf of the church.

If you would like a pastoral visit or know someone who needs one, please phone our Pastoral Visitors Coordinator Hilary on 07544 968866 or visitors@pastrowfamily.org.uk or contact one of the clergy team to arrange a visit.  We also have a team who assist the clergy by bringing Communion to the sick at home or in a residential home. Again, if you have need of Communion at home or know anyone else who does, please contact Hilary or Judith Appleby on 07999 352585 or admin@pastrowfamily.org.uk